5 Chill Marina Restaurants

1. Super Duper 

If you like burgers and people watching, this is the spot for you. Serving up classic American burgers with simple ingredients, Super Duper has a no-brainer menu that allows you to get in and out in minutes. But, if you’ve got time to kill, claim one of their outside tables. Located on Chestnut Street in the heart of Marinaland, this spot couldn’t be better for eavesdropping on people’s drunk conversations as they stagger home from The Tipsy Pig and taking in all the European sports cars and athleisure outfits sported by girls who’ve just sweated out the alcohol they drank the night prior at SoulCycle. Do yourself a favor and order a chocolate strawberry shake; it’s not on the menu, but they will mix the two flavors, and it’s the best shake you will ever have. All in all, the fantastic burger and garlic fries plus the sunshine and prime people watching location makes dining at Super Duper an excellent reason to spend time in the Marina.



2. Delarosa

Did someone say date night? Omg, go to Delarosa! A go-to restaurant choice for first Tinder dates and post-pilates dinners, you really can’t go wrong with this upscale--but not uptight Italian restaurant. Treat yourself to some good pizza and drink fancy cocktails; it is your cheat day after all, isn’t it? From the parpardelle napoletana to the spicy fennel sausage pizza to the sliced red and gold beet salad with truffle, Delarosa is the perfect spot to carbo-load in the most delicious way possible. Pro-tip: check out this spot on a weekday evening if you want to avoid crowds. Delarosa is a local favorite, so on a weekend night, it’s sure to be swarming with folks pre-gaming for a night out.

3. Tacko

A little slice of New England inspired heaven, Tacko provides a dining experience similar to that of eating Mexican food in the Hamptons after a day at the beach. The menu offers tacos Nick’s Way, a Nick’s Crispy Tacos creation that involves grilling the corn tortilla so that it has ayou guessed itcrispy exterior and loading it with extra toppings, such as guacamole, pinto beans, and pico de gallo. You can’t go wrong with a taco Nick’s Way and a glass of freshly made agua fresca. With white tiled walls decorated with pictures of blissful East Coast nautical scenes, every meal eaten at Tacko is a score.


4. Blue Barn

Blue Barn will give salad haters a run for their money literally, though, because these salads are pricey. After adding on $6.50 skirt steak to a $11.50 kale caesar salad, you’ll catch yourself shelling out almost $20 for a salad a freaking salad but Blue Barn salads aren’t just lettuce and dressing. They serve up the most ultimate salads. If you are craving a hearty meal but want something on the lighter, healthier side, head to Blue Barn. After all, you know how the people of the Marina love their salads…

5. The Brick Yard

If you like your chicken wings with an ice cold brew, and if you don’t mind looking out at a sea of backwards caps and football jerseys, check out The Brick Yard. With its exposed brick interior and warm color scheme, this spot is quite cozy for a sports bar/restaurant. With several TVs and a menu offering greasy goodness, The Brick Yard is a great place to catch up with friends in a down to earth environment. All in all, it’s a good spot to experience some all American fun; a little pub food never hurt nobody.


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