The Shark Design

Fierce, bold, triangular...the Shark design is a one stop shop for cutting edge aquatic style. Sharks have a long standing reputation of being fun-loving and carefree animals and it's that fun-loving spirit that we tried to recreate with the Shark design. Just like a shark emerging from the wet ocean to get a breath of fresh air, this design breathes new life into the triangular aquatic apparel game.

Shark Unisex Tee Blue-Culk

May 03, 2018 by Hey Culk

Beach Bum

Being a beach bum and having a beach bum are separated by one important distinction...location location location. The Beach Bum from Culk is a fun and playful design that lets you set up camp on the beach in style.

Beach Bum Women's Muscle Tank White-Culk

April 05, 2018 by Hey Culk

Culk Wave Design

Ride the wave back to shore with this back to basics design by Culk. The beauty of this design is in the high contrast colors and the simple and effective logo. This shirt packs a wave sized punch for ocean lovers everywhere.

Culk Wave Unisex Tee Natural-Culk

Culk Wave Unisex Tee Navy-Culk

April 02, 2018 by Hey Culk

Kick Back With Culk's Minimal Beach Graphic

This design stirs our memories of times we've had with old friends from long ago. Fortunately for us, the past doesn't hold a monopoly on the good times. There's no better way to make some great memories than ending your day with beaches, sunsets, and palm trees. The Minimal Beach design simply brings together the best things in life.

Minimal Beach Unisex Tee White-Culk

Minimal Beach Women's Muscle Tank White-Culk

March 22, 2018 by Hey Culk