Golden Gate Bridge Tee Shirt | Culk
I think its safe to say that the Golden Gate Bridge is the most iconic landmark in San Francisco. I'd say its the most iconic landmark in the US, but I think the Statue of Liberty ranks at number one. Ranking aside, when anyone thinks of San Francisco, they think of the Golden Gate Bridge, that or streets filled with double parked Ubers and streets crowded with people riding electric skateboards, but thats a WHOLE other conversation.
All jokes aside, there is just something about the Golden Gate Bridge that either takes your breath away or puts a giant smile on your face, or both. The way it frames the sun setting over the vast pacific ocean or the way it floats amongst the fog. All I know is, that whenever I see it, it makes me emote. 
So if you think that the Golden Gate Bridge is a thing of beauty you might want to give this tee shirt a look because it also is a thing of beauty, simple, classic, and iconic, just like the Golden Gate Bridge. 
In San Francisco, I'm Sam Culkins. 
August 01, 2016 by Sam Culkins

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