Coit Tower Unisex Sock


Hey whats up, Sam here. So a while back I made the Minimal Bridge sock and gosh darn it you better friggin' believe I was proud as all heck to introduce those beautiful little toe toasters into this world. I'll be honest with you, a lot of people din't think I could do it. Some even said, "Sam, how in the heck are you gonna put a bridge on a sock?" Lets just say, I showed them. But as time passed, I found myself yearning to design another sock. But I was scared, I was nervous, I felt incapable. I asked myself, "How in the heck am I gonna make something even half as good as the Minimal Bridge sock?" My nerves took a toll on me, many months passed before I eventually said, "Enough is enough! I am confident, I can do this, I CAN MAKE A GREAT SOCK!" With my enthusiasm restored, I decided that I would attempt what no person had ever attempted before, putting Coit Tower on a sock. It seemed crazy, it seemed wild, it seemed like a gamble, but I put my head down and my pen to paper. After one day of sketching, erasing, coloring, experimenting, I had come up with the design. I then took my sketch, brought it into the computer, and before you know it, the Coit Tower sock design had become a reality. So ya, long story short, I made the Coit Tower sock. Hope ya like it!
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 96% Nylon 4% Spandex
  • Men's size 6-10 (US)
  • Women's size 6-12 (US)
  • Arch compression band for support
  • Ribbed upper
  • High-density cushioning throughout the sock for comfort, support, and performance