San Francisco Youth Tee Shirts Now In Stock!

San Francisco Youth Tee Shirts

It brings me a lot of excitement to announce that some of my most iconic San Francisco graphics are now available in youth sizes. Making kids sizes in my San Francisco graphics has been on my to do list for soooooo long. But I finally got my priorities in line and now have my Golden State graphic, my sea lion graphic, my San Francisco baseball graphic, and my I heart SF graphic all available in youth sizes. These youth sizes will fit ages 7 through 16. So if you are one of the many people who has requested youth sizes over the years, then I recommend you check these out ASAP.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach me at!

In San Francisco, I'm Sam Culkins.

golden state youth tee shirt

san francisco navy blue sea lion youth tee shirt

a triblend black youth tee shirt featuring an orange san francisco baseball graphic

i heart sf youth tee

5 Chill Restaurants in the Marina

1. Super Duper 

If you like burgers and people watching, this is the spot for you. Serving up classic American burgers with simple ingredients, Super Duper has a no-brainer menu that allows you to get in and out in minutes. But, if you’ve got time to kill, claim one of their outside tables. Located on Chestnut Street in the heart of Marinaland, this spot couldn’t be better for eavesdropping on people’s drunk conversations as they stagger home from The Tipsy Pig and taking in all the European sports cars and athleisure outfits sported by girls who’ve just sweated out the alcohol they drank the night prior at SoulCycle. Do yourself a favor and order a chocolate strawberry shake; it’s not on the menu, but they will mix the two flavors, and it’s the best shake you will ever have. All in all, the fantastic burger and garlic fries plus the sunshine and prime people watching location makes dining at Super Duper an excellent reason to spend time in the Marina.

2. Delarosa

Did someone say date night? Omg, go to Delarosa! A go-to restaurant choice for first Tinder dates and post-pilates dinners, you really can’t go wrong with this upscale--but not uptight Italian restaurant. Treat yourself to some good pizza and drink fancy cocktails; it is your cheat day after all, isn’t it? From the parpardelle napoletana to the spicy fennel sausage pizza to the sliced red and gold beet salad with truffle, Delarosa is the perfect spot to carbo-load in the most delicious way possible. Pro-tip: check out this spot on a weekday evening if you want to avoid crowds. Delarosa is a local favorite, so on a weekend night, it’s sure to be swarming with folks pre-gaming for a night out. 

3. Tacko

A little slice of New England inspired heaven, Tacko provides a dining experience similar to that of eating Mexican food in the Hamptons after a day at the beach. The menu offers tacos Nick’s Way, a Nick’s Crispy Tacos creation that involves grilling the corn tortilla so that it has ayou guessed itcrispy exterior and loading it with extra toppings, such as guacamole, pinto beans, and pico de gallo. You can’t go wrong with a taco Nick’s Way and a glass of freshly made agua fresca. With white tiled walls decorated with pictures of blissful East Coast nautical scenes, every meal eaten at Tacko is a score.

4. Blue Barn

Blue Barn will give salad haters a run for their money literally, though, because these salads are pricey. After adding on $6.50 skirt steak to a $11.50 kale caesar salad, you’ll catch yourself shelling out almost $20 for a salad a freaking salad but Blue Barn salads aren’t just lettuce and dressing. They serve up the most ultimate salads. If you are craving a hearty meal but want something on the lighter, healthier side, head to Blue Barn. After all, you know how the people of the Marina love their salads…

5. The Brick Yard

If you like your chicken wings with an ice cold brew, and if you don’t mind looking out at a sea of backwards caps and football jerseys, check out The Brick Yard. With its exposed brick interior and warm color scheme, this spot is quite cozy for a sports bar/restaurant. With several TVs and a menu offering greasy goodness, The Brick Yard is a great place to catch up with friends in a down to earth environment. All in all, it’s a good spot to experience some all American fun; a little pub food never hurt nobody.

Noise Pop's 20th Street Block Party Was A Blast

I've been very fortunate to vend at a lot of music festivals this year. This past Saturday I sold at Noise Pop's 20th Street Block Party in the Mission. It was an awesome event, great music, great food, and a great crowd. Check out some photos below from my experience at the 20th Street Block Party.
In San Francisco, I'm Sam Culkins.
the bandwagon stage at the 20th street block party
skateboard kid at 20th street block partyno parking sign in san franciscoa sign with prices for culk items a pink skateboard on the grounda craft vendor at the 20th street block partya kung fu school building in san franciscothe outside of a kung fu school in san franciscoa vendor booth at the 20th street block partyboxes containing sea lion sweatshirtsa tee shirt with a golden gate bridge graphicthe crowd at the bandwagon stage at the 20th street block partytee shirts hanging on a rack at the 20th street block partya sign that says all credit cards always accepted culk price signage at the 20th street block partya girl wearing an i heart sf tee shirta girl at the 20th street block partythe sutro tower covered in fog in san francisco

Outside Lands Rocked 4 Sure | Culk

I was fortunate enough to participate as a craft vendor at the 2016 Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival located in Golden Gate Park. I participated as a vendor last year also, so going into this year, I knew I had lot of work on my hands leading up to the festival. Many a late nights were spent printing the week of the festival because I knew that the festival's large audience would be hungry for San Francisco inspired sweatshirts, given the outer richmond's cold & foggy weather. I spent a good amount of time pulling prints at my shop leading up to the festival but it was all worth it in the end because the attendance was absolutely massive. 

This year I had two extra helpers which was crucial and made dealing with customers very enjoyable and relaxing. My booth was located near the Lands End stage which is more or less the main stage. Therefore we all got to enjoy some heavy hitter acts; Duran Duran, LCD Sound System, Radio Head, and Lionel Richie just to name a few. 

Overall it was one heck of a time and I hope to participate again next year. It's definitely one of the most exhausting events I do, but in the end its totally worth it. 
In San Francisco, I'm Sam Culkins.
P.S. Check out some fun photos from the event below.
golden state mens tee golden state hatsan francisco sealion sweatshirt culkoutside lands 2016 san francisco culkoutside lands 2016 san francisco culkoutside lands 2016 san francisco culkoutside lands 2016 san francisco culkoutside lands 2016 san francisco culkoutside lands 2016 san francisco culkoutside lands 2016 san francisco culkoutside lands 2016 san francisco culkoutside lands 2016 san francisco culkoutside lands 2016 san francisco culkoutside lands 2016 san francisco culkoutside lands 2016 san francisco culkoutside lands 2016 san francisco culkoutside lands 2016 san francisco culkoutside lands 2016 san francisco culkoutside lands 2016 san francisco culkoutside lands 2016 san francisco culkoutside lands 2016 san francisco culkoutside lands 2016 san francisco culk

The Golden Gate Bridge, A San Francisco Icon | Culk

Golden Gate Bridge Tee Shirt | Culk
I think its safe to say that the Golden Gate Bridge is the most iconic landmark in San Francisco. I'd say its the most iconic landmark in the US, but I think the Statue of Liberty ranks at number one. Ranking aside, when anyone thinks of San Francisco, they think of the Golden Gate Bridge, that or streets filled with double parked Ubers and streets crowded with people riding electric skateboards, but thats a WHOLE other conversation.
All jokes aside, there is just something about the Golden Gate Bridge that either takes your breath away or puts a giant smile on your face, or both. The way it frames the sun setting over the vast pacific ocean or the way it floats amongst the fog. All I know is, that whenever I see it, it makes me emote. 
So if you think that the Golden Gate Bridge is a thing of beauty you might want to give this tee shirt a look because it also is a thing of beauty, simple, classic, and iconic, just like the Golden Gate Bridge. 
In San Francisco, I'm Sam Culkins. 
August 01, 2016 by Sam Culkins

In The Zone Just Printing Some Tees | Culk

I'm very grateful to be able to work with my hands and get lost in some repetitive motion on a regular basis. I love making graphics and working on digital art, but nothing satisfies my soul as much as some good ol' fashioned manual labor. In this video you can get a taste of what it physically looks like to print a tee shirt. Its hard on the feet and trust me my dogs are always barking after a long print run, but it's a physically fluid rhythm that compliments listening to classic rock radio or even just getting lost your head.

In San Francisco, I'm Sam Culkins.

July 30, 2016 by Sam Culkins

How I Make My Custom Hang Tags | Culk


I like to make things from scratch, that's why I decided to design and print my hang tags on my own. A hang tag is something that you need a lot of therefore it would make sense to just design an image and send it off to a large paper printing company for production, but where's the fun in that.

I'll be honest, there have been times when I feel like i'm shooting myself in the foot for printing hang tags myself because its just one more thing I have to make, but as a printer, I can see and feel a difference in the final product versus something digitally printed. Color opacity, heavy card stock, and unique sizing are all things that I can achieve because I make the hang tag on my own. I think thats the thing about quality, quality isn't easy. But even though i'm constantly whining in my head about how I need to take the time to make more hang tags, that all goes out the window when I pick one up and think to myself, "darn, this is a good looking hang tag."

In San Francisco, I'm Sam Culkins.

July 30, 2016 by Sam Culkins

Sometimes I Clone Myself | Culk


I'll be honest, sometimes I'm lacking the necessary energy to print a whole butt load of tee shirts, but fortunately I can clone myself and get the job done quicker. JK JK.

I just used a little bit of movie magic to make this video look like there is two of me working at once.

But for real though, sometimes I get to my shop and I don't want to see another tee shirt ever, but then other times I get into the shop, pumping with enthusiasm and ready to print for hours on end. But hey, I guess thats just the ebb and flow you experience as a self employed small business owner. At the end of the day though, I wouldn't give it up for anything.

In San Francisco, I'm Sam Culkins.

July 30, 2016 by Sam Culkins

How A Culk Tee Shirt Is Made | Culk

If you're already familiar with my brand, you probably already know that I print my entire line of San Francisco inspired tee shirts. 

But for those of you that are just now being introduced to the Culk brand you might think that Culk is just a company that designs graphics and then sends them off to a screen printer.

But in fact, Culk is a company consisting of only one person, me, Sam Culkins. And that one person, me, designs everything, prints everything, and distributes everything. And even though nowadays its not very uncommon for a company to exit of one person, I still think its important for any fan of the Culk brand to beware of the fact that Culk isn't the product of a calculated conglomerate, but instead Culk is the product of one man enthusiastically pursuing his life passions, i.e. art, design, & making. 

So give this vid a look see and don't be a stranger now ya hear.

In San Francisco, I'm Sam Culkins.

July 30, 2016 by Sam Culkins