How A Culk Tee Shirt Is Made

by Sam Culkins July 30, 2016

If you're already familiar with my brand, you probably already know that I print my entire line of San Francisco inspired tee shirts. 

But for those of you that are just now being introduced to the Culk brand you might think that Culk is just a company that designs graphics and then sends them off to a screen printer.

But in fact, Culk is a company consisting of only one person, me, Sam Culkins. And that one person, me, designs everything, prints everything, and distributes everything. And even though nowadays its not very uncommon for a company to exit of one person, I still think its important for any fan of the Culk brand to beware of the fact that Culk isn't the product of a calculated conglomerate, but instead Culk is the product of one man enthusiastically pursuing his life passions, i.e. art, design, & making. 

So give this vid a look see and don't be a stranger now ya hear.

In San Francisco, I'm Sam Culkins.

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