Surfing Under The Golden Gate Bridge | Culk

by Sam Culkins July 30, 2016

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the coolest spots in San Francisco, California to hang out at and take in a cool view. But what makes it even cooler, is that a big mushy surf-able wave breaks right underneath it. SO, the next time your looking for a fun place to zone out and enjoy some urban coastal views, just head to Fort Point & maybe you'll even see some of those bad boy surfers riding that infamous wave below the Golden Gate Bridge.

In San Francisco, I'm Sam Culkins.

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👇New from Kristina Micotti👇

by Sam Culkins December 15, 2022

We have collaborated with illustrator Kristina Micotti to release her iconic bulldog illustration in multiple styles. The bulldog is available in a unisex t-shirt, a unisex crewneck, and a women’s t-shirtThe ink colors in this print turned out fantastic and really stand out on the dark fabric, with a vibrant green and a subtle pink. It's a pleasure to work with talented artists like Kristina Micotti and bring their work to life as a product. Anyways, give the bulldog collection a gander and happy holidays from San Francisco! -Sam Culkins

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Patch Ya Later Interview

by Sam Culkins May 10, 2022